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33 Reasons Why Davy Tyburski is the
Right Advisor for You and Your Business

Case Studies/Testimonials Transcription:

If you have an opportunity to work with America's Chief Profit Officer, which that title is not just given to somebody. He's worked in entrepreneurial small businesses, but you know, the background where he came from is a two billion dollar company, upwards of 1,500 people underneath him with over a 90% satisfaction rating of the employees.

I'm not even saying I want to get to that level, but boy, if I could learn from somebody from that level in my small business, boy, that's like going to the holy grail.

So with that, if you do get the opportunity to work with him in any capacity, I would highly recommend that you take that action. And if you're on the fence and you're not really sure, but you kind of got a gut feeling that it makes sense, I say, go for it. What's the worst that can happen?

He's got a double...He's got a money back guarantee. If he doesn't get you 200% on your investment in found profit, you don't have to pay him. So you have nothing to lose. He takes all that risk. And let me tell you, within the first five minutes, we far exceeded that 200% goal. So like I said, if you have that opportunity take advantage of it, you will be so grateful that you did.

We have always gotten coaches. We totally see the value in doing that. However, in the last couple of years, the coaches that we've brought in, that have sat with us...To give you an example, I want to give an example of, you know, we spend 90 days trying to get them to understand what our business is about, what our branding is about, what's important to us, what makes us different. And we do all of this, you know, handholding of them. And then they say things like, okay; well we're going to work on that. There's no direction.

Okay, so here's one day, Davy, we've got all these ideas. We've got all these highlighted points. We have all of this, you know, a plan. We have a plan for 21 days. This is in one day. I don't know if you want to edit this, but I just want to say it, there's actually a point of being angry with people who have taken, you know, what some people have as their household income from us for their coaching direction.

And I actually said to one person in particular, I am in a worse position a year later than I was before we started with no direction. That's what happened. And I have a very busy overloaded day. So, I would send them a big card, him and the three other people that says, thank you very much for your help. I learned from the lesson and I am now making money without you.

I'm just really excited to be able to move forward and have some really good direction. Davy, you've actually contributed to us. I'm very thankful.

Davy Tyburski: You're welcome. You're welcome. Love you guys.

So I really appreciate Davy and his heart and I also appreciate the time that you spent with us. I think that throughout the whole day and a half you probably came up with enough to maybe double or triple our net profit. So I appreciate everything you do Davy.

This result is the largest and biggest difference, right from the beginning we started off with results driven. That we know a clear and concise plan on what we're doing and how we're going to get there.

If you're thinking about working with Davy Tyburski I would say it's well worth it.
Definitely. If nothing else, it's thought provoking. It really gets your wheels turning. It's outside-the-box thinking, not what everybody else is doing. But what's going to work for me in my business today and for the long term.

He is trustworthy, he has integrity, he has a heart of gold and that's the people that I want to work with and surround myself with to improve my life and hopefully lives of people that come to my business.

Yeah. And I want to add, with our time here, the in-house visit with Davy, our experience has not been him watching the clock, sitting back and asking, you know, what do you think you want to work on or what direction do you want to have?

It's not been, what are your ideas? It's not been us actually coming up with everything. It's been a wonderful experience to help us, you know, creating that what you were talking earlier, about how creating that gap where you're having more opportunities for profit and that's what we've been able to create and having an overwhelming amount of options to be able to do that and to have that direction.

We have not received that from the other people that we work with.

The other big takeaway that I had in working with Davy is when you are working on taking your business to another level, no matter what level your business is at, there are spots where maybe I can talk about some personal things that could affect the business, and how the business is run.

Davy has a way about him that you just feel so comfortable and you can open up, and his experiences, his life experiences that he shares with you allows you to grow much, much faster.

And that comfort-ability factor when you're talking about your business and expenses and profit and loss, it's like, you know, you have to trust that person. And in working with Davy the trust factor is off the charts.

One of the things I noticed right off the bat is that he's very good at looking at us, and evaluating right to the point of where our pain points are. And one thing we've never done as a company is to have an outsider come in and look at us.

We're good at evaluating ourselves, but there's nothing like someone from the outside coming in and I think between Davy's personality and his heart and his expertise really we accomplished more in eight hours between two days than we have several of our quarterly meetings. So it just is that outside person coming in that's really helped us.

All right. It always is helpful to have somebody else, an outsider's point of view, come in with their opinions or available solutions, visualize what's going on in our business and then be able to find areas that need improvement.

Specifically with our employees, he was able to talk to them beforehand. Before the meeting today and at the meeting they were able to open up a little bit more about problems that we're facing and solutions as well.

I can speak to the difference about Davy too is these other coaches; they come and ask us for our ideas. They don't have examples that have worked out in the real world.
So I don't know if they're making up what they've accomplished, but they don't ever say and you know, let me see an example.

And Davy showed us other clients, how their company looks a year later or months later after, Davy has helped them and it's amazing. It's awesome. It's like a dream. It's not all talk and no action type of thing.

We have things that will save us and make us money in the next 21 days that will actually...Yeah, it's like an oxygen mask really because I didn't know where it was going. We've swerved, I work a tremendous amount of hours and it just seems like, okay, that's awesome.

I have a job that I don't actually get paid very much to do and Davy is creating a better plan and he showed us how it's worked for other people. He has actual real life examples and other people who he's helped make successful.

It was productivity and knowing that there's going to be a resolution is good and it's pretty amazing. And hopefully we can get down to the, well, we will get down to resolving all of these things and making life so much easier for everybody so we can all make what we want to.

So before we started this, our team was a little disconnected, I think. We didn't really understand where they were coming from and I think there's just kind of a lack of communication. I feel like now our team is onboard more with the vision that we have. We understand why we have a coach and that they have some ownership in our practice that we want to hear their ideas.

And so I think it's going to be good working with them and having them help us implement some of these things.

Two things that I would say I can take away from this is one, we've had some ideas to better our company, but Davy helped us look at it in a different way and actually simplify it, a light bulb. And don't get mad…get data.

Anyways, to help us figure out what we need to be tracked and then that will help us make decisions on what we should be prioritizing and areas that we need to perfect.

We were laughing a few times throughout the day together because it's like Davy was amazed at how successful we became without some of these simple, simple things in place. And you know, I always have been going to these marketing seminars, getting these aha moments and it's you know, when you work with Davy, you get these aha moments on the operations side.

It was cool. It was like you have that money there already...Ways to save time, ways to save money and it just goes right to the bottom line, which is the most important part of the profitability.

Go for the profit. Go for the profit!

What Other Successful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
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"Davy’s very dynamic!"

- Warner Bros. 

"I like to learn from the best. Davy talks to us in a language that we understand as entrepreneurs and he makes it so simple, he knows what he’s talking about!"

- Jonathan Sprinkles, Entrepreneur & Professional Speaker

"Very valuable information, excellent, everyone can benefit from this!"

- Kellogg's

"Just come to Davy, he’ll give you great information, things that will make a huge difference in your life and in your business to allow you to eventually become free!"

- Dr. David Phelps, Entrepreneur

"Great information, well-presented!"

- FedEx

"Came back more enthusiastic and pumped up to do the right things!"

- Microsoft

"Makes you get out of your daily routine and look for ways to work effectively!"

- Goodyear 

"Today I feel so much more confident and happy that I’m walking out of this room with easy to implement strategies, really specific tools, techniques, the best practices on how to run your business with the least amount of time and effort!"

- Julie Laipply, Miss Virginia USA 2002, Professional Speaker and Pentagon Consultant

"I learned to involve the sales team from day one as this will help to increase productivity and profits!”

- Manpower

"Great, a lot of takeaways that can easily be implemented and used!"

- The Walt Disney Company

Four International Business Experts Also Agree

Davy has been in the background helping us find additional income and money. He is amongst one of the highest integrity human beings I've ever met or worked with. He's got this uncanny knack of being able to look inside any business and find money that's left behind and he's also really good at figuring out tactically and strategically how to make that happen!

Mike Koenigs
 CEO & Creator, You Everywhere Now

There are a lot of businesses out there that could benefit from Davy’s strategies and techniques! Davy comes from a spiritual place, there is a bottom line to him that is not just about money.

Forbes Riley
$2 Billion TV Host
of HSN and QVC

As a Shark, Davy speaks my language: PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT! Davy finds the little things that are leaking big profits out of your business and he puts his money where his mouth is.

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on ABC's
Hit TV Show 'Shark Tank'

Davy shows you how-to lead, succeed and build great relationships. You'll increase profitability faster than ever before!

Brian Tracy
New York Times Best Selling
Author & Success Expert

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It's for the First 3 People Only!

Your answers will help Davy prepare for your business assessment call and will also compress time so you can get the most out of your conversation. We encourage you to answer each question thoroughly, extra credit is given for completeness. After submitting your application, you’ll receive an email with a copy of your answers.

Please allow 10-15 minutes to complete.

*To reward you for taking action, Davy will ship you a new, free copy of The Profit Book for completing this application.

Application for Acceptance

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If you encounter any issues with the application process, just call or text us (210) 497-1948.