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What Other High Performing and Successful Construction/Trades
Organizations (Just Like You) are Saying About Davy

"Thank you for a great job at the conference, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! I gained a lot of useful information and ideas and have passed them along to others in the department!"

- Firestone Building Products 

"Davy was unanimously rated by our members as ‘one of the best speakers’ at a seminar!"

- Crescent Electric Supply Company 

"I will talk to our Sales Manager to present the ideas learned today. I thought it was very informative and will help me have better relationships with my sales personnel."

- Intermountain Concrete Specialties

"Excellent! Davy did a fantastic job educating me while making it enjoyable!"

- Master Lock

"Better than other seminars, not just a feel good but rather a how-to! I will use what I’ve heard to foster relationships and produce information for the ‘suits’ to show how tweaking our system will improve the bottom line!"

- Young Electric Sign Company

"I really enjoyed your session, when I walked into the office this morning a salesman asked me to release a problem account. Instead of my typical NO, I suggested that he get involved with helping me collect on a problem invoice and I would release the account for his new order. He's already started working on the problem! Thanks again."

- Turtle and Hughes, Inc.

"Your seminar was dynamic and I have forwarded this email to my Corporate Office in hopes that they will use these ideas corporate wide, across 26 branches. You were awesome! Thank you for all of the information!"

- Spider, A Division of Safeworks

"You captivated the audience the entire time and did an amazing job!"

- Florida Cooling Supply

"You did an outstanding job and I only wish that my sales force and all credit managers had been in attendance. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I look forward to hearing you again sometime!”

- Hughes Supply, Inc.

"Everything we do in business ends up being about people, so I appreciate Davy and his heart. We came up with enough (ideas) to at least double or triple our net profit. If you’re thinking about working with Davy, I would highly recommend it, go for the profit!"

- Olson Property Services

Davy Delivers Great Value and "Connects" With Your Attendees

Davy is one of the most in-demand Construction/Trades professional speakers because he delivers what every company, organization and association wants: MORE PROFIT!

He is the ideal professional speaker for your group ranging from a handful of executives to thousands of attendees. He is not your ‘typical’ speaker because of his REAL-WORLD leadership experience on the topics he speaks on. Davy has been there, done that (for 20+ years), and still doing it today!

Davy "Gets" You and the Construction/Trades Industry

Davy has "been there, done that, and still doing it today!" His 20+ years of leading high-performance teams in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations, Getting Paid, Process & Systems Excellence, Corporate Communications and Training/Employee Development is what sets him apart from the other 99% of speakers in the world.

From humble beginnings as an Award Winning Carpenter (and General Contractor) to successful corporate executive for a publicly traded corporation, Davy instantly "connects" with you and your attendees because of his real-world experience "swinging a hammer" and running 3 of his own businesses.

Davy is a Best Selling Author
(and Includes 100 Free Books for Your Group)

"Came back more enthusiastic and pumped up to do the right things!"

- Microsoft

"Good presentation, makes you get out of your daily routine and look for ways to work effectively!"

- Goodyear 

"Great information, well-presented!"

- FedEx

"Davy’s presentation was stellar, he’s very dynamic!"

- Warner Bros. 

"Great presentation, a lot of takeaways that can easily be implemented and used!"

- The Walt Disney Company

The Profit Book is the ideal promotional gift for your attendees because books stay around forever (unlike other traditional and outdated gifts) and your name is on the front cover!

-When was the last time you threw a book away or put it in a closet?

-After you read a great book, you want to share it with others! The Profit Book is a hard cover book, it travels well and gets shared with many other potential prospects.

-Since The Profit Book can be used alone or integrated with other media, there are virtually limitless ways to utilize the book.

Davy Presents His Profit Generating Strategies in a Variety of Formats: Keynote Presentations, Breakout Sessions, Media Appearances, and Training Sessions

Selected Comments From Very Satisfied Event/Meeting Planners

Davy Has Shared the Stage With Many Other Top Authors, Celebrities, Consultants and Speakers

More About Davy, America's Chief Profit Officer

Selected Awards and Accomplishments

  • 20+ years of leading high-performance teams in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and Getting Paid is what sets him apart from the other 99% of speakers, coaches and consultants in the world
  • Real-world, results-driven leadership with a publicly traded, $2 billion corporation (responsible for leading and developing 1,000+ team members)
  • Maintained a 93% employee satisfaction rating based on his leadership strategies (1,000+ team members), which was one of the highest scores in the company-The Society for Human Resource Management ( reports the average is 83%
  • Former Vice President Corporate Communications responsible for corporate messaging, professional training and development of 5,000+ global team members
  • Recipient of the Prestigious CEO’s Award of Excellence (selected over 2,000 other employees) based on his results-driven leadership

Vast Array of Corporate and Entrepreneur Clients

Speaking the Universal Language of Profit for 20+ Years!
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