Davy Tyburski is one of the most in-demand professional speakers and business consultants because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!

He is the ideal professional speaker for groups ranging from a ‘handful of entrepreneurs’ at a Mastermind Session to ‘thousands of attendees’ at a Super Conference…he is not your ‘typical’ speaker because of his REAL-WORLD leadership experience on the topics he speaks on. Davy has not only been there…done that…he is still doing it today!

He is a hands-on business consultant who offers his results-based, profit building services to a limited number of selected clients each year. His 20+ years of leading high-performance teams in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Service & Operations, Billing & Cash Collections, Process & Systems Excellence, Corporate Communications and Training/Employee Development and his 200% ROI Guarantee is what sets him apart from the other 99% of business consultants and coaches in the world.

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Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives and Professional Practitioners
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Watch Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on ABC's Hit TV Show "Shark Tank") and
Forbes Riley ("$2 Billion TV Host" HSN and QVC ) Talk PROFIT With Davy Tyburski

Sharing the Universal Language of PROFIT With Entrepreneurs Through Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations

"We need to hire the best speakers who are going to demonstrate value for our members…I had to go to one of the best…evaluations are excellent and we would do it again, anytime…thank you Davy!"

Darryl & Dianna Rowinski | New Berlin, WI | Meeting Planners | Business Credit Management Association

"Davy accomplished more in one day than we could in 6-months! There’s no reason why you should not be working with Davy. It paid off more than three to four times just in one day. Every day you [Davy] come out, you’re putting $250k in my pocket!"

Brian & Genessy Safdari | Valencia, CA | Entrepreneurs | College Planning Experts

"We just bought Davy in…we were not really maximizing profits…Davy asked the questions that I did not even know to ask…Davy is the consultant who comes in and gets busy…At the end of the day…Davy gave me 10 things to do, every one of those things we could put a dollar figure on…bottom line, here we are about 30 days later and everything is looking rosy!"

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove | Santa Clarita, CA | Entrepreneurs | Results Fitness

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, & Professional Practitioners

"Revenue is Important but
PROFIT is the Most Important!"

200% ROI Guarantee

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Meeting Planners & Event Coordinators

Davy understands the significant role you play in planning and executing a successful meeting or event. Sometimes, meeting planning can seem a bit overwhelming because you are responsible for so many details including…site selection, vendor negotiations, event registration, marketing, reporting, contracts, BEOs, lodging, budget, sponsors, exhibitors, event materials, expenses…and of course, finding and selecting the RIGHT speaker.

Although Davy cannot help you with all of those details, he will put your mind at ease with finding and selecting the RIGHT speaker. You want a speaker who knows the importance of delivering quality content that is motivating, entertaining, and educational for your attendees. Davy has been there, done that (for 20+ years ) and still doing it today!

Davy delivers what every entrepreneur, company, and organization wants: MORE PROFIT! Because of his vast profit-centered leadership experience in the five customer facing business units – Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and Accounts Receivable – he is the ideal professional speaker for your next event.

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